The first Band that was to be known as God Unlimited recorded their first album sometime in the late 1960's

This LP was titled "Diocesan Youth Choir Presents - God Unlimited"  and subtitled "Contemporary Music For Liturgy and
other ocassions when people meet to celebrate"

The original music was written by Fr. Tom Belt who was at the time the Episcopal Chaplin at ASU.

The Youth Choir was comprised of Arizona State University students and its assumed by this site that the musicians were
also. Rev. Belt composed all but two of the albums tracks, arranged the music and directed the choir. The 6 tracks on the
albums' first side were a presented as a musical journey of Christ's life from His Birth to Pentecost, each song signifying a
different day of observance for Christians.
This album was pressed on the Century record label, the only LP by God Unlimited on that private press label.
For more info on the First LP click here.

For their Second LP the band moved to the GIA label and was titled "The God Unlimited Choir - Joy, and Other Sublime
Aspirations" and also subtitled "Contemporary Music For Liturgy and other ocassions when people meet to celebrate".
These first two LPs featured a larger choir body, but stronger instrumentation on this offering.
For more on this LP click here.

The 3rd God Unlimited LP is "RIde On".
At this stage the band is loses its "Choir" status and has been reduced to just eight core members. However, the
reduction of personel does not diminsh the impact of the sound. Learn more about "Ride On" here.

Love Knows No Season is the fourth LP by Tom Belt and the God Unlimted. Still eight members with some slight personel
changes and also on the GIA label. Explore more details about this LP here.

"Tom Belt & the God Unlimited Singers" head up The Agape Factory, the fifth LP.

The band 1972 incarnation of the band, "Tom Belt and God Unlimited" moves to the GU1 label to produce one of their
finest LPs - New Wine Vintage '72. Click here for more info on it.

More God Unlimited LPs were pressed - we will present them also at a later date.