God Unlimited was more than just a Choir or a Christian Band.

As stated on the 2nd Album: Joy, and Other Sublime Aspirations - they considered
themselves "...a community trying very hard to be free in Christ, so they can love, relate,
touch and feel to be themselves, both personally and with others".

In this spirit of Community we endeavor and hope to bring home that sense of Community  
by utilizing the power of the Internet.

Our Aspiration is to compile any information or history that our visitors can supply.
The possibility even exists for original members to find this site and contribute to the new
Virtual Community!

Only you can make if happen!
If you have a God Unlimited story to tell or other information
please contact us!

PLUS! We will present a free God Unlimited sampler CD to every contributor that helps
us build this new GU Community.

Thanks everyone!